I have an image I would like to don with a citation. However, placing the citation on top of the image has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Simply placing the citation after the image with


produces the following result:

Citation after an image.

As you can see, the citation appears outside of the image, which is not surprising. Using


moves the citation on top of the image horizontally:

Picture citation with negative hspace.

In the last image, it an be seen that the citation is still partly outside of the image, so I attempted the following:


However, this changes nothing:

Image citation with vspace and hspace.

Why is this, and how could I apply \vspace and \hspace simultaneously to a citation, in order to properly place it on top of an image? I also accept more elegant solutions.

  • You should probably consider adding that information via the caption for this image instead. That is generally the most accepted way. Also when posting here, please post a full minimal example instead of sniplets like this, then we have a better idea of what exactly you are doing, For image replacements you can use the images that come along with the mwe package. – daleif Apr 12 at 14:55
  • I would add a caption, if this was actually a presentation I was making for a scientific conference, but in this case it would just take up unnecessary space on the slide. I will add a MWE in just a second. – SeSodesa Apr 12 at 14:58

This usage of \stackinset places the citation with a 2pt gap at the bottom right of the image.

 AUTHOR = "Segletes, Steven B.",
 TITLE   = "Drift Velocity Computations for Shaped-Charge Jets",
        NUMBER  = "ARBRL-MR-03306 (ADA 133 756)",
        INSTITUTION = "Army Ballistic Research Laboratory (US)",
        ADDRESS = "Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD)",
 YEAR = "1983",
 MONTH = sep    }


enter image description here


Raise a bit a zero width box.




\includegraphics[width=5cm]{example-image}% <-- Don't forget
\raisebox{1ex}{\makebox[0pt][r]{\cite{uthor}\ }}

\caption{Image with citation}



\bibitem{uthor} A. Uthor, A paper.



enter image description here

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