I'm having a problem trying to make my cute inductors larger. I found a way of making them bigger with the /tikz/circuitikz/bipoles/length but that scales the entire inductor. I just want it to be larger, not thicker. What can I use?

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    Every component has its own size specification (relative to bipoles length). So for "cute inductor" you can adjust, \ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/height/.initial=.3} \ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/lower coil height/.initial=.15} \ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/width/.initial=.6} \ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/coils/.initial=5} – John Kormylo Apr 14 at 23:54
  • Thanks! That solved it – Kirtpole Apr 15 at 1:59

The default definitions for the "cute inductor" are

\ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/lower coil height/.initial=.15}  
\ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/coil aspect/.initial=.5}%percentage of inductor width, which is covered by lower coil

not all of which deal with size. The following will create a inductor twice as large as the default.

\draw (0,0) to[cute inductor] (2,0);
\ctikzset{bipoles/cuteinductor/lower coil height=.3}    
\draw (0,1) to[cute inductor] (2,1);


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