I'm trying to fit a big gantt chart. I tried to use landscape and resizebox. In the case of landscape (which is my preferred solution), the chart is still too big mainly because of the margins. In the case of resizebox, it seems to resize it as a square and the chart is actually a rectangle. This makes the resizing rather too small. I would like a combination, which means (in the landscape perspective), shift the chart bit down and left in order to not get out of the top and right margins. Maybe making the space between activities would work too, but I don't know how. Below you can find the gantt chart:

        canvas/.append style={fill=none, draw=black!5, line width=.75pt},
        hgrid style/.style={draw=black!5, line width=.75pt},
        vgrid={*1{draw=black!5, line width=.75pt}},
        title/.style={draw=none, fill=none},
        title label font=\bfseries\small,
        title label node/.append style={below=7pt},
        include title in canvas=false,
        bar label font=\mdseries\small\color{black!70},
        bar label node/.append style={left=0.5cm},
        bar/.append style={draw=none, fill=black!63},
        group left shift=0,
        group right shift=0,
        group height=.3,
        group peaks tip position=0
        title label node/.append style={below left=7pt and -3pt}
      ]{Calendar Weeks:\quad16}{1}
      \gantttitlelist{17,...,46}{1} \\
      \ganttgroup{Ch1: Introduction }{1}{2} \\

      \ganttgroup{Ch2: Research View}{2}{8} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S2.1} State-of-the-art }{2}{4} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S2.2} Challenges and Requirements}{4}{6} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S3.3} Conceptual Design}{6}{8} \\

      \ganttgroup{Ch3: Technology View}{9}{18} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S3.1} Relevant Technologies }{9}{11} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S3.2} Software Design}{11}{16} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S3.3} Implementation}{16}{18} \\

      \ganttgroup{Ch4: Application View}{19}{24} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S4.1} Case Studies }{19}{19} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S4.2} Smart Cities }{20}{21} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S4.3} Factories of The future}{21}{22} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S4.4} Smart ...?}{22}{24} \\

      \ganttgroup{Ch5: Evaluation and Conclusion}{9}{18} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S5.1} Evaluation }{9}{11} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S5.2} Conclusion}{11}{16} \\
      \ganttbar{\textbf{S5.3} Future Work}{16}{18} 

  [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/t6y0x.png

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