How can I disable hyphenation for an entire paragraph without changing the hyphenation of its words throughout the rest of the text? And of course, maintaining the paragraph alignment!

Thanks, in advice.


You can set \hyphenpenalty=10000 and \exhyphenpenalty=10000, so TeX sees hyphens as “infinitely bad” and avoids them. Add \sloppy if you want to make TeX obey margins at all costs, adding extra inter word spaces to preserve the margins justification.

You can have an environment to do that for you:



  \sloppy % Makes TeX obey margins by stretching inter word spaces





enter image description here


You can use the nil language from babel:


deutscher Textabschnitt mit Trennungen

deutscher Textabschnitt mit Trennungen\par


enter image description here

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    \begin{hyphenrules}{nohyphenation}...\end{hyphenrules}. – egreg Apr 15 at 22:06

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