I am looking for a way to do this lattice with tikz, and other similars to it.enter image description here

There are other similars to it, any idea?

  • I know how to do it using " brute strength", doing every line, arrow, dot in the diagram, but this is not usefull or handly, I dont know if is there an "intelligent" way. – J.Rodriguez Apr 16 at 2:33
  • 2
    Add it to the question anyway. It is helpful to us – user156344 Apr 16 at 2:34

It is not so hard with decorations.markings:

\draw (0,0) grid (5,5);
\foreach \i in {0,...,5}
    \foreach \j in {0,...,5}
        \fill (\i,\j) circle (1pt);
\draw[ultra thick,red,postaction=decorate,decoration={
    mark=between positions {0.5/11} and {10.5/11} step {1/11} with {
        \draw[-stealth,very thin] (-.4,.1)--(.4,.1);}
}] (0,2) -- (2,2) |- (1,1) |- (4,5);
\fill[red] (0,2) circle (2pt) node[left] {Identity} 
           (4,5) circle (2pt) node[above] {End of path};

enter image description here

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