How can generate the following equations with latex?

enter image description here

  • Which part of the equation are you asking about specifically? If it is the graphs then you can try using TikZ, see for example the TikZ manual section 5 "Tutorial: Diagrams as Simple Graphs" on page 69. You can use TikZ inside of an equation with the \tikz command, see Section 2.3 of the manual on page 32. – Marijn Apr 16 at 8:44

Using TikZ to draw the clusters:



    ,cluster dif/.store in=\clusterDif
    ,cluster dif=.5
    ,cluster color/.store in=\clusterColor
    ,cluster color=blue
    ,cluster node/.style=%
        ,execute at begin node=$\scriptstyle
        ,execute at end node=$
        ,inner sep=1pt

                \tikz\draw[\clusterColor,#1] node[cluster node](1){1}
                  ++(\clusterDif,0) node[cluster node](2){2}
                  ++(-120:\clusterDif) node[cluster node](3){3}
                  \foreach\x/\y in {#2}{(\x)--(\y)}

  b_3(V,T) =
    \frac{1}{3!\,V}\int [\, \cluster{1/2,3/1} + \cluster{2/3} + \cluster{2/3,3/1} +
    \cluster{1/2,2/3,3/1} \,]

enter image description here

  • @egreg good idea, will do. – Skillmon Apr 16 at 11:16

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