This can be called as a follow-up question of Most significant reasons that led us to (La)TeX

There are many ways to draw graphics pictures in TeX, LaTeX and Friends. We can draw it using external programs, or use some graphics tools (TikZ, PSTricks, Asymptote, picture environment), etc.

So, which graphics tool(s) / external program(s) do you use? Why did you choose it(them) but not any others?

A story showing how you came to the tool is very welcome!

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  • The original TeX engine had no graphics capability whatsoever, so even the picture environment was an improvement. I skipped over pstricks and went straight to TikZ when I became aware of it. I do occasionally use GIMP (see tex.stackexchange.com/questions/312238/…). – John Kormylo Apr 17 '19 at 15:23
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For complicate drawings, I use https://www.mathcha.io/editor. This online editor has a WYSIWYG interface for drawing, either with the predefined shapes or freehand. When the drawing is finished, it can be exported as tikz code.

An example:

enter image description here

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