I have defined the following package:

% Configuration
\ProvidesPackage{eqbox}[2018/01/01 Boxed Equations]

% Package options
    colframe/.store in = \colframe,
    colframe = ,
    colback/.store in = \colback,
    colback = white,
    shadow/.store in = \shadow,
    shadow = ,

% Main style
    highlight math style={
        sharp corners,
        boxrule = 0.4pt,
        boxsep = 3pt,
        left = 0pt,
        right = 0pt,
        top = 0pt,
        bottom = 0pt

% Conditional styles
\ifx\colframe\empty\else\tcbset{colframe = \colframe}\fi
\ifx\colback\empty\else\tcbset{colback = \colback}\fi
\ifx\shadow\empty\else\tcbset{shadow = {2pt}{-2pt}{0mm}{\shadow}}\fi

The way it works it that, first, a main style is defined. And then, if the user provide their options when loading the package (for example \usepackage[shadow=blue]{eqbox}), then options are added.

The problem is that in the current version, the global tcolorbox colframe, colback and shadow parameters are changed. Instead of that, I would like to change the highlight math style colframe, colback and shadow. But if I write:

% Conditional styles
\ifx\colframe\empty\else\tcbset{highlight math style = {colframe = \colframe}}\fi
\ifx\colback\empty\else\tcbset{highlight math style = {colback = \colback}}\fi
\ifx\shadow\empty\else\tcbset{highlight math style = {shadow = {2pt}{-2pt}{0mm}{\shadow}}}\fi

It seems to forget the main previously defined highlight math style options, and just set the concerned conditional options. How to make this work?

Note: use case:

\documentclass[letterpaper, 11pt, onecolumn]{article}

\usepackage[colback = blue]{eqbox}

\tcbhighmath{x^2 + 3}

According to how I read the tcolorbox manual /tcb/highlight math style={...} is a shortcut for /tcb/highlight math/.style={...}, so this overrides styles, as you say. Therefore I suspect you want /tcb/highlight math/.append style={...} instead, and propose to replace the last three lines of your style file by

\ifx\colframe\empty\else\tcbset{highlight math/.append style={colframe=\colframe}}\fi
\ifx\colback\empty\else\tcbset{highlight math/.append style={colback=\colback}}\fi
\ifx\shadow\empty\else\tcbset{highlight math/.append style={shadow={2pt}{-2pt}{0mm}{\shadow}}}\fi
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