While citing multiple articles, I'm trying to get the following format

(AuthorsAB, Year; AuthorsCD, Year; AuthorEF, Year)

However, even with using \citet command, the output includes parenthesis around the year

(AuthorsAB, (Year); AuthorsCD, (Year); AuthorsEF, (Year))

As far as I know this shouldn't happen with \citet?, any suggestions of how to achieve desired format?

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    Welcome to TeX.SE. You appear to be typing (\citet{ab,cd,ef}). Is this correct? Have you tried the \citep ("parenthetic style" citation callouts) macro? Please tell us if \citep{ab,cd,ef} produces the output you need. – Mico Apr 17 '19 at 18:29
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    Thank you, that was exactly it. – Elia Apr 17 '19 at 18:37

Assuming the three bibliographic entries have keys ab, cd, and ef, it appears to be the case that you're inputting


The reason you're not getting the output you need is that you're using the wrong macro. To create parenthetic-style citation call-outs, you should be using the \citep macro, as in


A full MWE (minimum working example) and its output:

enter image description here

@misc{ab, author = "A and B", title = "First  thoughts", year = 3001}
@misc{cd, author = "C and D", title = "Second thoughts", year = 3002}
@misc{ef, author = "E and F", title = "Final thoughts",  year = 3003}



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