I was trying to round numbers with siunitx and got the following error:

Number too big \num{0.125555555555}

The problem occured when I changed the round-half parameter to even.


%\sisetup{round-mode = places, round-precision = 2, round-half = up}% this works
\sisetup{round-mode = places, round-precision = 2, round-half = even}% this fails


I found similar questions here:

But it always says this problem should be fixed and one should update their version of siunitx, but I am already on the current version:

Package: siunitx 2018/05/17 v2.7s A comprehensive (SI) units package

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    Yeah .. fixed in development version which I keep wanting to release ... – Joseph Wright Apr 18 at 12:32
  • That's nice to hear that it is fixed already. Is there an approximate release date for the new version or is it safe to use the current version on github? – Gilean0709 Apr 18 at 13:18

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