I looked for the moderncv documentation, but without any success. I'd like to know the list of the symbols (email, skype etc.). Can you tell me if there is this list please?

Thank you in advance.

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    Regarding email: \emailsymbol. Regarding skype: Skype icon on moderncv
    – leandriis
    Apr 21, 2019 at 15:16
  • if using the fontawesome fonts from your last question/answer then the symbols are documented in fontawesome readmeS or the ctan font character listings such as ctan.org/pkg/comprehensive
    – user170109
    Apr 21, 2019 at 16:10
  • Useful reply @leandriis Apr 21, 2019 at 18:12

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Well, there is no documentation of class moderncv, only a very small one in version 0.6 on the github repository of the maintainer, but there are no more activities.

Because I told you in your last question about package fontawesome I suggest you use the following commands

\renewcommand*{\addresssymbol}       {}
\renewcommand*{\mobilephonesymbol}   {{\Large\faMobilePhone}~}
\renewcommand*{\fixedphonesymbol}    {\faPhone~}
\renewcommand*{\faxphonesymbol}      {{\small\faFax}~}                % alternative: \faPrint
\renewcommand*{\emailsymbol}         {{\small\faEnvelopeO}~}          % alternative: \faInbox
\renewcommand*{\homepagesymbol}      {{\small\faGlobe}~}              % alternative: \faHome
\renewcommand*{\linkedinsocialsymbol}{{\small\faLinkedin}~}           % alternative: \faLinkedinSquare
\renewcommand*{\xingsocialsymbol}    {{\small\faXing}~}               % alternative: \faXingSquare
\renewcommand*{\twittersocialsymbol} {{\small\faTwitter}~}            % alternative: \faTwitterSquare
\renewcommand*{\githubsocialsymbol}  {{\small\faGithub}~}             % alternative: \faGithubSquare, \faGithubSquare
\renewcommand*{\gitlabsocialsymbol}  {{\small\faGitlab}~}
\renewcommand*{\skypesocialsymbol} {{\small\faSkype}~}

for the symbols you are searching for.

But if you want to use this symbols in the personal informations in the header/footer of an cv you need to add some more commands to your preamble -- depending on your used version of moderncv.

For example you can look to my answer here for using the command \social with more possibilities, used in version 2.0.0! See also this answer.

To see a list of possible useable symbols for font awesome gave a look to the corresponding homepage of it: https://fontawesome.com/. There is a new fontawesome5 also available ...

I suggest to add the code you used to question to use your needed symbols in your cv. Then I can help you knowing excactly what you are having and doing ...

A last remark: to see the predefined and so available symbols in your used version of moderncv search for the file moderncviconsawesome.sty and moderncviconsmarvosym.sty. The latter is called by command \moderncvicons{marvosym} in version 2.0.0


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