What is wrong with this citation please? I use BibTex and TexMaker

Error is:

Process started

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (MiKTeX 2.9.6840 64-bit)
The top-level auxiliary file: prace.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: titulka.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: uvod.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: kap00.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: kap01.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: kap02.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: kap03.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: kap04.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: kap05.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: diskuze.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: zaver.aux
A level-1 auxiliary file: literatura.aux
The style file: czplainnat.bst
Database file #1: literatura.bib
Repeated entry---line 514 of file literatura.bib:
@article{Leone2010 : ,
    I'm skipping whatever remains of this entry

(There was 1 error message)    
Process exited with error(s)

for the entry

    author = {Leone, F. and Bohlender, D. A. and Bolton, C. T. and Buemi, C. and Catanzaro, G. and Hill, G. M. and Stift, M. J.},
    title = {The magnetic field and circumstellar environment of the helium-strong star HD 36485 ={$\delta$} Ori C},
    journal = {Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
    volume = {401},
    number = {4},
    pages = {2739-2752},
    year = {2010},
    month = {01},
    issn = {0035-8711},
    doi = {10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15858.x},
    url = {https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15858.x},
    eprint = {http://oup.prod.sis.lan/mnras/article-pdf/401/4/2739/3929604/mnras0401-2739.pdf},

After deleting this citation, .bib flie works well.

This is in main file:


\renewcommand{\bibname}{Seznam použité literatury}


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    The entry Leone2010 as posted can be compiled without problems with both BibTeX and Biber. The quoted error message looks like a simplified/digested version that an editor might show. Can you obtain the full message from the .blg file? You may also want to tell us whether you use BibTeX or Biber to compile your files and tell us more about the bibliography setup of you document in an MWE (tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/228/35864). – moewe Apr 22 at 7:20
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    Does your main bib file maybe have two entries with the same key, viz., Leone2010? – Mico Apr 22 at 7:26
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    Off-topic: Instead of HD 36485 ={$\delta$} Ori C, you should probably write {HD 36485 = $\delta$ Ori~C}. Don't let BibTeX convert HD, Ori, and C to lowercase. Also, note the "tie", ~, I inserted between Ori and C. – Mico Apr 22 at 7:27
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    The error message says Repeated entry. That suggests you have two entries of the same name (Leone2010) in your .bib file. Check the entries and delete the duplicate entry. – moewe Apr 22 at 7:28
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    I'm voting to close this question as the issue that gave rise to the error message -- the presence of two bib entries with the same key -- was solved via comments. – Mico Apr 22 at 7:48

While LaTeX and LaTeX-related software is sometimes criticised for unclear error messages, this message is fairly clear. The important bit of the message is

Repeated entry---line 514 of file literatura.bib:
@article{Leone2010 : ,
    I'm skipping whatever remains of this entry

This suggests that you have more than one entry of the name Leone2010 in your .bib file. Naturally BibTeX can only accept one entry of each name, otherwise it won't be able to make sense of your file.

Search your .bib file for Leone2010, compare the two (or more) entries you find and consolidate them into one (if the entries are to the same work) or give them separate names (if the entries are different works).

Then delete your temporary files (.aux, .bbl, ...), check your citations to the affected work(s) and recompile with the full LaTeX, BibTeX, LaTeX, LaTeX cycle.

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