I need to include both types of these files in my document (and definitely need EPS as I'm importing organic mechanisms), but I can't seem to find anything that works.

As such, I'm on the setting LaTeX compiler rather than pdfLaTeX, as eps files did not work on that.


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    A current pdflatex can handle eps, it converts it on the fly to pdf, but you can also use epstopdf to do the conversion yourself if overleaf can't do it. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 22 at 13:40
  • So I tried this but then basically chemnum (which numbers chemical compounds throughout) didn't work, so basically I definitely need latex and not pdflatex – Eli Nathan Apr 22 at 13:44
  • do you know how I use dvips on Overleaf? – Eli Nathan Apr 22 at 14:04
  • @EliNathan if you are using latex then you will be (but it doesn't support png, I misled you, sorry) you need to convert both pdf and png to eps in that case – David Carlisle Apr 22 at 14:09
  • Recent versions of pdflatex will auto-convert file.eps to file-eps-converted-to.pdf and then embed that pdf file in the document. It's a smart conversion; i.e., it won't convert it again unless file.eps has been updated. Also, pdflatex will include png by default. – Herb Schulz Apr 22 at 15:26

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