According to https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Mathematics#Matrices_and_arrays, the following code creates an array that has a cross-shape, with four items centered in each quadrant.

    1 & 2 \\ 
    3 & 4

The desired result is this, with the numbers centered vertically and horizontally within their quadrants.

1 | 2
3 | 4

Since I'm placing text, not math, \startcombination seems to be the right code, but I don't see a way to add rules.

Is there a simple equivalent in ConTeXt? ConTeXt Garden mentions \startarray, but this command is reported as not found when I add it to my code. I can create this in MetaPost or with a table, but I wonder if there is a more proper way?


The equivalent of LaTeX's tabular in ConTeXt is \start...\stoptabulate. I'm not sure whether that is the best solution in your situation. Maybe you can clarify the question.


  \NC 1 \VL 2 \NC\NR
  \NC 3 \VL 4 \NC\NR


enter image description here

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