I have the same question as:

Any updates as on MacTeX 2019?

I am asking a simple way to suppress fields provided in bst, but not by manually modifying entries in bib files.

Please note:

  • I would like to use bibtex and not biblatex, at least for the particular paper I am working on right now, wanting to use jecon.bst. No advice thus is necessary to switch to biblatex. (Though I am not particularly good, I am already using biblatex to some extent in other occasions.)
  • I am asking whether there is a simple method like adding options in the preamble.

Many thanks in advance.

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    In general there is no simple setting in the preamble you could use. If you are using BibTeX there are essentially two strategies: (1) Modify the .bib file. This doesn't have to happen manually. You could for example use bibtool or Biber's --tool mode. See tex.stackexchange.com/q/415007/35864. (2) Modify the .bst file to ignore certain fields. This is pretty much what the second part of Alan's answer at tex.stackexchange.com/a/263392/35864 does. – moewe Apr 23 at 5:10
  • Very few .bst files offer an additional option for customisation via control entries in the .bib file. Some have a few simple function definitions at the beginning for customisation. But it is unlikely that any of that would help you in removing fields. – moewe Apr 23 at 5:14
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    it is usually fairly simple to modify a copy of the bst bibtex style but the details depend on the style and which field you want to drop. – David Carlisle Apr 23 at 7:00

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