My MiKTeX won't download the ogonek package. I went to the A-Z list of MiKTeX packages, and ogonek isn't there. Should it be?

FYI, I know that my MiKTeX automatically downloaded ogonek at some point. Then about a month ago I updated my MiKTeX, and apparently ogonek.sty disappeared from the "ogonek" folder in the directory to which my MiKTeX automatically downloads packages---the folder was still there, but it was empty. I know that you can get the \k accent with \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}, but that makes some of the fonts look different from the usual Computer Modern; is there another way to get that \k?

  • You have to install it manually. The package is not in either MiKTeX or TeX Live, as I can see. – user156344 Apr 23 at 14:21
  • 2
    Do you need it in the first place? The package is from 1994 and many things have happened in the last 25 years. – egreg Apr 23 at 16:10

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