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URL linebreak in footnote

Line breaking of URLs at "-"

I tried it by myself but it doesn't work oon my Tex-File.

I added this in my Code for the url-Style. Could this be the reason why it doesn't work?

\def\UrlFont{\color{blue}\normalfont}%      Adding a little color 
\def\UrlLeft##1\UrlRight{\underline{##1}}%  Underlining the url

But I see no reason, why it doesn't work.

Thanks for help, mayby you guys have an idea.


Removing the Underline worked so far, but now the lines are indented. The first line moved to the right up to the line break. After the Line break the footnote is flush left again.

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    Do not underline the url. Underlined text can not break the line ... – Mensch Apr 24 at 14:50
  • Worked so far, but now there is an other problem. – Narhog Apr 25 at 6:57

My Problem is solved with \raggedright and removing the underline.
Thanks for the Help.

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