I would like to force a new line within a tabu 'X' column. Using \newline forces a new line, but includes some ghost spacing, making the text no longer centered.

I have tried using \\ in combination with both minipage and makebox without success -- both give errors and do not compile.



\begin{tabu} to 4in{|X[1,c,m]|X[3,c,m]|}
Column 1 & Column 2 \\
Some text & Three lines \newline of text \newline here \\


enter image description here

  • \par instead of \newline – egreg Apr 24 at 14:41
  • Easy enough. Will happily upvote and accept if you post as answer. Thanks! – dayne Apr 24 at 14:42
  • tabu is unmaintained, better use another package! – Mensch Aug 31 at 18:41

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