What is the correct way to add a signature figure to an article in LaTeX? I need to sign an article by adding the image of my signature under my typeset name.

This are the packages and the document class I'm using now:

\usepackage[greek, italian]{babel}


Now my name is aligned onto the right of the page by using:

\flushright\parbox{5cm}{Daniele Spinosa}

like a letter signature. I'd like to add my signature image below it. How can I do that?


Mica essentially answered your question. To make it slightly more complete: Instead of

\flushright\parbox{5cm}{Daniele Spinosa}

(you don't need the \parbox here) use

Daniele Spinosa

(You might want to adjust the 2.5cm.)

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  • \flushrigth is not a valid commad it's the internal start of the {flushright} environment. Better use \raggedleft or \hspace*{\fill}Daniel, if only a single line should be pushed to the right margin, instead ... – Tobi Nov 1 '13 at 23:34

First of all, if your signature is scanned as a bitmap file such as PNG or JPG, try to convert it to vector with potrace. If you use Inkscape this is pretty straightforward. Save it as PDF. It will be much prettier.

Then you want to \includegraphics but set the bounding box to make the graphic reserve less space than its actual extent. That produces an effect like you're writing on paper.

Yours TeXnically,


\includegraphicics[bb=0 0 144 72]{sig.pdf}

To be honest I've never been good at hacking the bounding box, so if it were me I would use TikZ here:


  \usesasboundingbox (0,0) rectangle (5cm,4em); % <--adjust the height if you want
  \node[anchor=south west] {\includegraphics{sig.pdf}};  

If you want things on the right you can use \flushright as above.

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sign your name on a piece of paper, then scan it. Then use \includegraphics{sig.jpg}

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  • I own already a scanned picture, I need to place the figure just under my typeset name. – microspino Nov 3 '10 at 17:06
  • Hendrik's answer above should do the trick. – Mica Nov 3 '10 at 23:45

Once you have scanned your signature (e.g. Signature.png), I would suggest flushright environment.

Daniele Spinosa \hspace{1.5cm}\null\\

First change the width parameter so that the signature has the right dimension (the signature letters should have almost the same dimension of the text letters). Then adjust \hspace to center your name with your signature.

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