I'm tuning the code @CarLaTeX proposed in this topic to separate teacher version and student version.

The goal is when the boolean is true (student version), a blank line takes the place of the stuff. I'm sure it can be improved but it works for me.

Now, i'm convince that students need more space than what i can typeset (By example, demonstrations take often more place by hands than by computer) so i want to create an option for my command \ProfPart who is a number and will multiply the value of \the\heightOfProfBox consequently.

At the moment i can't simply by hands multiply the size in the \vspace so my hopes to make it an option seems like sweet dreams...

Someone could help me ?

Here is a MWE of what i have achieved untill now :



\setbool{studentversion}{true}%true for students' version


    {%%True (donc version pour étudiant)
    {%%False (donc version pour prof)

    \ProfPart{Stuff for teacher only. Access denied for students. Here are the answers to tests and exams.}

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