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I know how to use \multirow for two columns table but I can't figure out how to use it for three columns table in below picture. enter image description here

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    multirow acts separately in each column there is nothing special about 2 columns at all, show a complete tex document that makes a start of that table and if it is giving tex errors someone will debug. – David Carlisle Apr 25 at 20:46

I am posting it here for someone struggling with it like me. We basically start with maximum number of rows and then merge them accordingly.

\caption{multi row table }
\hline \bf col 1 & \bf col 2 & \bf col 3 \\ \hline
value 1 & - & - \\
{\multirow{\9}{\*}{value 2}}&{\multirow{\3}{\*}{A}}  & C \\ 
        &   & D  \\
         &   & E \\ \cline{2-3}
         &  {\multirow{\6}{\*}{B}} & F  \\
        &  & G \\
        &  & H \\
        &  & I \\
        &  & J \\
        &  & K \\

Here is how it looks

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