I want to include some pdfs in my Latex beamer presentation like so:


Unfortunetaly there is a clear change in color between my beamer slide background and the background of the pdf image. I thought the background of a pdf is transparent/non-existant?

To give you an idea how it looks: [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/pfGU3.png

It does not seem to bad on this image but if you zoom in it gets clearly visible.

Is there anyway to prevent this or am i doing something wrong?

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    Have you verified that the background of that included pdf actually is transparent. It clearly depends on how the PDF is made. – daleif Apr 26 at 11:13
  • The pdf was generated by draw.io. As far as i know the background of an exported pdf is transparent by default in draw.io. – Etibu Apr 26 at 11:31
  • Only one way to find out, post the PDF. – daleif Apr 26 at 11:41
  • Just created and downloaded a fast diagram from draw.io, it clearly have a white background. – daleif Apr 26 at 11:44
  • Is there a way to change this? Either before exporting or later on in Latex? – Etibu Apr 26 at 12:33

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