The package "metre" or "metrix" is very good to print the prosodic accent for LaTeX. But, I counldn't print several signs. Does anyone know how to print this one ?


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    Erm... which one? – campa Apr 26 '19 at 16:56

I don't know a prosodic from prozac, but if you are talking about those overlines...

Note: I made them of fixed width, centered over the argument. If you want them of variable width, extending the full argument, I can make changes.





enter image description here

One last point of style. The \overline is done relative to the argument height, so that the \prosodic1{x} accent will be lower than \prosodic1{i}. If the convention is for the height of the initial prosodic accent to be fixed, regardless of the letter, then one could simply change all three instances of \vphantom{#1} to \vphantom{X}.

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