Here is my MWE:



and I am using it like:

\munepsfig[scale=0.66]{mm3}{Effect of variation of $\alpha$ on path of node movement \mycite{r22}}{Effect of variation of $\alpha$ on path of node movement}{f3.6}

Here f3.6 is my label, but in text it is not appearing. There is ?? in text.

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    I guess you want \label{#4} instead – siracusa Apr 27 '19 at 3:16
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    To be a working example, one must be able to run it as is. What you have is a code fragment. – John Kormylo Apr 27 '19 at 3:39

You have a number of problems showing and to address the final outcome you will generally get ?? until a successful prior run has updated the aux files see https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/111281/170109 However you first need a successful 1st run and since your code is based on multiple cut and paste we have no idea what you have pre-set to untangle such a miss-match I would tidy up the command to at least be commented I have taken your word that the label is "f3.6" thus the #5th option

enter image description hereenter image description here

%above added to mwe to provide minimum working

\newcommand{\munepsfig}[5][scale=1.0]{% <--this has been increased to include the 5th option
% #1 = [scale] x scale=1.0 e.g. 0.66 x 1.0
% #2 = baseimage name (AVOID spaces / accents / punctuation) also not a good idea to use subfolders NOR specify one format especially jpg
% #3 = short visible snappy caption with included \cite?
% #5 = set to ?? before compilation only replaced on 2nd run once doc is scanned
\munepsfig[scale=0.66]{example-image-A}{Effect of variation of $\alpha$ on path of node movement \mycite{r22}}{Visible Effect of variation of $\alpha$ on path of node movement}{f3.6}   

see Figure~\ref{f3.6}

Above will be

1st pass = see Figure ??

2nd pass= see Figure 1

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