I am trying to control the white-space dimensions around my author block using authblk and geometry. How can I control the distance between the top margin and the title, the title and the author list, the authors and the affiliations and between the affiliations and the text body? I indicated the dimensions that I'm interested in with annotations (in red) on the drawing below.

enter image description here

The MWE for my document is here:

% arara: pdflatex

\vskip 2em
    \let \footnote \thanks
    {\LARGE \@title \par}
    \vskip 1.5em
    \lineskip .5em
    \vskip 1em
    {\large \@date}
\vskip 1.5em}

    \author[1]{Author 1}
    \author[2]{Author 2}
    \author[3]{Author 3}
    \author[4]{Author 4}
    \author[5]{Author 5}
    \author[1]{Author 6}
    \author[1]{Author 7}
    \author[1]{Author 8}
    \author[1]{Author 9}
    \author[1]{Author 10}
    \author[1]{Author 11}
    \author[1]{Author 12}
    \author[1]{Author 13}
    \author[1]{Author 14}
    \author[1]{Author 15}
    \author[1]{Author 16}
    \author[1]{Author 17}
    \author[1]{Author 18}
    \author[1]{Author 19}
    \author[1]{Author 20}
    \author[1]{Author 21}
    \author[1]{Author 22}
    \author[1]{Author 23}
    \author[1]{Author 24}
    \author[1]{Author 25}
    \author[1]{Author 26}
    \author[1]{Author 27}
    \author[1]{Author 28}
    \author[1]{Author 29}
    \affil[1]{Affiliation 1}
    \affil[2]{Affiliation 2}
    \affil[3]{Affiliation 3}
    \affil[4]{Affiliation 4}
    \affil[5]{Affiliation 5}
    \maketitle }


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