How to enter the symbols for Macintosh Commands? I am looking already a long while for an answer. Here a minimal (not working) example:

\usepackage{lmodern} %% das ist der Schrifttyp, aber irgendwo ist dieser Font 
% immer noch definiert: Ah: hier line 53
% symbols: (cell)phone, email
\RequirePackage{marvosym} % hat verschiedene Symbole, auch Euro Zeichen
% for gray color in header


    I need special characters in a text, to describe some Commands for Macintosh Users. 

      \item Enterkey: % \unichar{21b5}
      \item Optionkey: % \unichar{2325}
      \item Controllkey: % \unichar{2303}
      \item Commandkey: % \unichar{2318}
      \item Shiftkey: % \unichar{21e7}

    Are the symbols of marvosym working, which I need too? \Mobilefone{}, \Letter{} - perhaps I would insert these two symbols with the Unicode Characters too?


Would be very grateful for any hint!


  • You probably need font with the correct glyphs. Probably, the "latin modern" font don't have the U+21B5 (and so on) glyph (but I'm not sure). Anyway, perhaps the package menukeys can meet your requirement, without using \unicode command (see the section 4.5 of the documentation of this package). – quark67 Apr 28 at 20:16
  • Thank you quark67 - this was exactly I was looking for. In MacVim my minimal example is buggy, while running pdflatex – Marek Stepanek Apr 28 at 21:30

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