I am looking to reproduce the following figure in tikz. Could anyone help? enter image description here

 \draw (-4,0,4) node[left] {$d_\infty-d_\infty'$} -- (4.5,0,4) coordinate (P);
 \begin{scope}[canvas is xy plane at z=0,transform shape]
  \draw (-4,-2) rectangle (4,2);
  \draw (-3.9,-1) -- (3.9,-1) node[right] {$d$}
  (-3.9,1) -- (3.9,1) node[right] {$d'$};
  \foreach \X in {-3.8,-3.5,...,3.8}
   {\draw[dashed] (\X,1) -- (P) (\X,-1) -- (P);}

enter image description here

(Note to myself: it seems that loading the 3d library is no longer necessary, it gets auto-loaded with tikz-3dplot along with calc and arrows.)

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