I am trying to make a short quote using \textquote from the package csquotes:

Something before.
\textquote[{\cite{simonovits2003}}]{In most countries private markets}.

And the bib file test_quote.bib is:

    Author = {Andrus Simonovits},
    Title = {Modeling Pension Systems},
    Year = {2003}}

and the result is "In most countries private markets" (Simonovits (2003)).

I was expecting "In most countries private markets" (Simonovits, 2003). Is it possible?

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    Could you post a short, but complete code showing the problem? – Bernard Apr 29 '19 at 16:10

The issue you're describing is unrelated to the use of \textquote, a macro provided by the csquotes package. Instead, the issue arises because you use \cite, which generates "textual" citation call-outs if the natbib citation management package is in use. I.e., the output of \cite is of the form Simonovits (2003), not (Simonovits, 2003).

By the way, it's not necessary to encase the \cite{...} instruction in an extra pair of curly braces.

Taking into account that \csquotes encases the contents of the optional argument of \textquote automatically, you should be using \citealp instead of \cite (or \citet) to generate the citation call-out. \citealp differs from \citep in that it does not encase its output in round parentheses.

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  author = "Andr{\'a}s Simonovits",
  title  = "Thoughts",
  year   = 2003,

\documentclass{article}                 % choose a suitable document class
\usepackage[authoryear]{natbib}         % for "\citealp" macro
\bibliographystyle{apalike}             % choose a suitable bibliography style
\usepackage[english=american]{csquotes} % choose a suitable language option

\textquote[{\cite{simonovits2003}}]{In most countries private markets}

\textquote[\citealp{simonovits2003}]{In most countries private markets}
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