I use the subfiles package to divide the main document I'm working on into chapters, so that I don't have to compile the whole document everytime.

This means that I don't print the bibliography in any of the separate chapter files, I only print in the main file. When compiling the separate chapters, this results in a warning from hyperref, complaining about the lack of bibliography, as already discussed here.

The solution posted there is to use the package option hyperref=false when loading biblatex. This solves the problem in the chapter files, but now I don't have links in the main file.

So my question is: is there a way to differentiate the main file from the others, so that I can use some code like:

\ifsubdocument{\usepackage[backend=biber, hyperref=false]{biblatex}}

in the preamble?


One thing which is different between the main file and the subfile is the name. Assuming your main file is called main.tex:


    % stuff for main file
  % stuff for subfile

Your newest question gave me another idea that does not require additional packages:

    % stuff for the subfile
    % stuff for the main file
  • Damn, you stalking me? Ahaha just joking. This is actually a very nice solution to both those problems, AND it doesn't require any additional packages. I'd accept both the answers if I could, thanks a lot. – noibe Apr 29 at 23:30
  • @noibe I was about to answer the other question, but was 3 seconds too slow, so I thought I could to put the \preamble@file to good use here :) – user187808 Apr 29 at 23:31

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