In my thesis, I'm required to submit a table of contents which begins 5 blank single-spaced lines below margin. The contents of the table begin 2 single-spaced lines after the header. The picture below (taken from a Microsoft Word template) demonstrates this more clearly. enter image description here

I have used


to match the upper case requirement. How can I fulfill the requirement for 5 blank single-spaced lines below margin and 2 blank single-spaced lines before the "Table of Contents" Header?

I am also required to begin chapter headers 5 blank single-spaced lines below the margin, chapter titles 1 single space below the chapter header, and chapter content 2 single spaces below the chapter title. enter image description here I believe titlesec is the appropriate package, but should I be using


to specify the number of single-space blank lines?

MWE is available below.

\graphicspath{ {images/} }



\title{Thesis Title}
\author{Author Name}
\date{Day Month Year}






\chapter{Chapter One Title}

\chapter{Chapter Two Title}

\chapter{Chapter Three Title}

\chapter{Chapter Four Title}


\chapter{Appendix Title}



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