Can I write my thesis on Overleaf? What is the guarantee that, nobody can access my thesis? Overleaf link

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    How should we know? Have you asked the overleaf support staff? – daleif Apr 30 at 12:27
  • overleaf.com/learn/how-to/… – user187808 Apr 30 at 12:30
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    The other question that usually needs to be asked is, "who will want to access your thesis?" If your thesis is of interest to some nation state, then you'll want to look out, and probably not use a cloud service. For the much vaster majority, the honest answer is "only your committee will want to access it". – Teepeemm Apr 30 at 12:56
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    This is a good question. Let's assume your thesis included medical data -- obviously you can't write that kind of thesis on overleaf, because you'd give this data to the overleaf company and you probably don't yourself have the right to share the data with that company. So please install texlive or miktex on your computers. – Keks Dose May 4 at 9:47

I usually use the overleaf to write articles. If nobody know the link for your article, it would be safe forever.

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    I do not think so, you can guess the links and try them out. At last -- for me -- it is not secure ... – Mensch Apr 30 at 15:19

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