For reasons similar to this question's (noun declension), I wish to refer to an entry and output an arbitrary text (in this case, a particular declension of the entry noun). It looks like entering the text as key-value pairs in the entry is a good solution.

However, the answer to the linked question only supplies an answer in vanilla glossaries. I use glossaries-extra with bib2gls and I'm not sure how to convert between them.

For the entry

    name = {anka},
    description = {A bird},
    definitiveplural = {ankorna}

I would like to output


with a hyperlink to the glossary as with other terms.

My best guess has been \glsxtrusefield{duck}{definitiveplural} from page 194 in the manual, with no output as result. The manual does mention that I should use the internal field tag, but I'm not sure how to find it.

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is correct. However, this custom key needs to be defined first like this

\glsaddstoragekey{definitiveplural}{}{\DefinitivePlural} % Placed before \GlsXtrLoadResources

as noted in the bib2gls intro, p. 11. This also lets you use


for the same effect.

Internal field tags for the default keys are listed in the glossaries manual, p. 108, as noted in the glossaries-extra manual.

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