I'm trying to install lyx 2.3.2 on ubuntu 18.10, so I installed miktex and donwloaded a lyx2.3.2 source file from the official site and builded it using cmake I maneged to exucte the app but only using ./lyx2.3 on terminal and not as free app, and after traing to compile a pdf file I get this messege:

The external program xelatex finished with an error. It is recommended you fix the cause of the external program's error (check the logs). 

Can someone help me? PS: I'm new on ubuntu.

  • The message suggests that you check the logs, so that would be a good place to start. You can look at tex.stackexchange.com/questions/313780/… for some directions for the GUI. From the terminal you can look at the most recent file with the extension .log in the folder where you tried to compile, for example if your file is called myfile.tex then the log file is myfile.log and you can see it with less myfile.log. If there is anything in the log you don't understand you can ask about it here (after searching for similar errors of course). – Marijn Apr 30 at 14:46
  • My guess is that LyX has not been tested much at all with MiKTeX + Linux. Usually on Linux TeX Live is used. Can you compile .tex files outside of LyX? i.e., on the command line? Instead of usine xetex, does a simple document compile in LyX with pdflatex? – scottkosty May 1 at 2:39

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