I am using Circuitikz and trying to get a SP3T switch. I was wondering if anyone knew a solution for either what the node format (node[spdt]) is or if there is another way. I've already combed through the circuitikz manual and cannot find anything.


The easy way is to add an extra contact to a spdt.

I placed it as a rotary switch. For vertical placement, use .45 or \pgfkeysvalueof{/tikz/circuitikz/tripoles/spdt/margin}.

  \node[spdt,name=S1] {};
  \draw ($(S1)!.59!(S1.east)$) to[short,o-] (S1.east);



Although John Kormylo's answer is the correct one, notice that starting from version 0.9.1 (to be released mid-June 2019) or shortly using the git version, you will be able to use the new rotary switch component:

    (0,0) -- ++(1,0)
    node[rotary switch <->=3 in 45 wiper 22, anchor=in](R){}
    (R.out 1) -- ++(0.5,0)
    (R.out 2) -- ++(0.5,0)
    (R.out 3) -- ++(0.5,0);

three channels switch

Pull request and specific docs are at https://github.com/circuitikz/circuitikz/pull/212

  • well, this is more advertisement than answer ;-), anyway, glad to hear that further development of circuitikz is in progress (+1) – Zarko May 29 at 10:48
  • 1
    @Zarko yes, you're right. I was just putting that here for the future reader, so that they know there is a more straightforward way... – Rmano May 29 at 10:52

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