I have a very specific issue with the LastPage Package. I'll try and explain the best I can.

So I have an article. That uses:

\rfoot {Page \thepage \hspace{1pt} of \pageref{LastPage}}

To add the page number to the bottom of each page. which works fine.

But I would like my "Last Page" To be my references page. My basic article structure is.

  • Title
  • Fore Pages (Nomenclature, Abstract, Table of Contents)
  • Main Body (Introduction, ETC ETC References)
  • Aft Pages (Glossary, Index, Appendix)

Is there any way to set the Reference Page as the Last page so all pages above that are correct e.g Page 1 of 3. I don't want the Glossary, Index, Appendix included in the page count.

For my References Page I'm using:


Any help would be greatly appricated.


If you want to use the beginning of the Reference section as the last page, you can add a label immediately after \newpage, say \newpage\label{mylastpage}, and use that label in \pageref{mylastpage}.

If you want to use the end of the Reference section as the last page, add the label after \bibliography{referencec}.

With this you don't even need the LastPage package.

  • Awesome worked a treat. Thank you. One thing though \label{mylastpage} didn't work i had to use \label{myLastPage}. No idea why I also removed the last page package. – wodawick Apr 30 at 19:04
  • 1
    You don't need it. (Do you have any idea how many problems result from loading unused packages, usually the result of a "template"?) – John Kormylo Apr 30 at 21:37
  • Honestly no I do not. I'm newish to TeX but this article that I'm writing I built from a blank template. I was using the LastPage package but it wasn't fit for my needs. But Herr K. solution worked a treat. – wodawick May 1 at 7:00

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