I am trying to write if-else loop in an algorithm within the substeps. Somehow it doesn't appear as expected.


\lstset{language = Modelica,
       backgroundcolor = \color{white},
       aboveskip = 0pt, 
       belowskip = 0pt}

  {% \begin{breakablealgorithm}
     \refstepcounter{algorithm}% New algorithm
     \hrule height.8pt depth0pt \kern2pt% \@fs@pre for \@fs@ruled
     \renewcommand{\caption}[2][\relax]{% Make a new \caption
       {\raggedright\textbf{\ALG@name~\thealgorithm} ##2\par}%
       \ifx\relax##1\relax % #1 is \relax
       \else % #1 is not \relax
  }{% \end{breakablealgorithm}
     \kern2pt\hrule\relax% \@fs@post for \@fs@ruled

     \Statex {\footnotesize\thealgsubstate:}\space}}

\newcommand{\comment}{\newline \Comment}

\caption{Equations in a material stream}

\State Overall Material Balance
F = L + V

\State Component wise Material Balance
z_i F = x_i L + y_i V

\State Equilibrium equation:
y_i = K_i x_i

\State Vapor Phase Mole Fraction:
\beta = \frac{V}{F}

\State Summation equaton:
\sum_{i=1}^n y_i = 1

\sum_{i=1}^n x_i = 1

\State Phase mole fraction
        \If{$P \geq P_{bubble}$}
            x_i = z_i
            y_i = 0
        \ElsIf {$P \geq P_{bubble}$}
            x_i = \frac{L_i}{F_i}
            y_i = \frac{V_i}{F_i}
            y_i = z_i
            x_i = 0


In theenter image description here image, what appears at step 7 should appear at point a, what appears at step 8 should appear at point b and what appears at step 9 should appear at point c.

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