With the prospect of a longer book project, there will be the need for multiple indices, e.g. an index of names, quotations, foreign words, abbreviations etc.

In priciple, this should be realisable with package glossaries.

However, there is a particularity in the given case, for which I haven't found any solution in the package documentation so far: Names appearing in the running text shall qualify for entries in an Index of Names. Indented quotations will have the author's name shown as subtitle below. Those names shall qualify for entries in an Index of Quotations. The challange is, that certain names may appear

  • exclusively in running text
  • exclusively under quotations
  • in running text as well as under quotations

Hence, there will be glossaries with, on purpose, partially overlapping contents.

I wonder how this can be realised in a convenient way with package glossaries.

Ideally, I'd like to define only one file, that I can load with \loadglsentries, containing the entries for any name in the whole book. The glossary entries in that file should have options, allowing to flag them for appearance in either the Index of Names or the Index of Quotations or both of them. Conveniently, the respective flag should be set within the \gls command, as the choice of the appropriate index will be done easiest during text input.

I'd be glad if anyone has a good idea how to deal with this task.

Thanks in advance.


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