I tried VERA https://verapdf.org/home/#validation for testing pdf-a format and I get these errors:

Rule    Status
Specification: ISO 19005-2:2011, Clause:, Test number: 1   
The font programs for all fonts used for rendering within a conforming file shall be embedded within that file, as defined in ISO 32000-1:2008, 9.9.    Failed
14 occurrences  Show

Specification: ISO 19005-2:2011, Clause: 6.2.8, Test number: 3  
If an Image dictionary contains the Interpolate key, its value shall be false. For an inline image, the I key shall have a value of false.  Failed
1 occurrences   Show

Specification: ISO 19005-2:2011, Clause:, Test number: 1   
The Font dictionary of all fonts shall define the map of all used character codes to Unicode values, either via a ToUnicode entry, or other mechanisms as defined in ISO 19005-2,   Failed
1 occurrences 

How to correct it please? Thank you

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    Please show a minimal compilable code example (MWE) to reproduce these warnings. – TeXnician May 2 at 9:38
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    I found out that this command makes problem: \renewcommand{\labelitemi}{\scriptsize$\blacksquare$} – Lukáš Altman May 4 at 3:43
  • Would it be possible to show a full example document with this command that fails the validation and produces the messages shown in the question? – moewe May 4 at 11:54

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