I wish to provide a setup script to my colleagues which sets up a working MiKTeX environment. Installation is done in 'basic' mode without admin privileges -- so far using the registry:

miktexsetup --local-package-repository=\\mymirror\miktex --package-set=basic install --modify-path --shared=no --verbose --use-registry
mpm --verbose --repository=\\mymirror\miktex --update
initexmf --enable-installer --updatefndb

Works, but the first call to pdflatex opens the "Package Installation" dialogue, asking me where to install from (I thought I already defined that with --local-package-repository) for whom (despite --shared=no) and if it should ask me again for the next package (despite --enable-installer).

How can I disable this annoying dialogue? If my colleagues are given any chance to goof it, somebody will.

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You can change the configuration value [MPM]AutoInstall (documented here):

initexmf --set-config-value=[MPM]AutoInstall=t

Or, if you want to disable the auto-installer:

initexmf --set-config-value=[MPM]AutoInstall=f

To get back the annoying dialog:

initexmf --set-config-value=[MPM]AutoInstall=?
  • Works for me, but is weird. According to the initexmf documentation, initexmf --enable-installer should do the same and "overrules settings in the MiKTeX configuration data store".
    – Twonky
    May 10, 2019 at 8:46
  • 1
    --enable-installer does not modify the MiKTeX configuration data store. It just enables auto-installation for the current program invocation. May 11, 2019 at 10:18

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