I have created my resume in Latex and honestly, I like it a lot. I was thinking of making a template and publish it somewhere so that people can use it. But it's rather complicated and it would be best if I created a class or package of some sort. The resume uses article class and it just has a bunch of modification and styles (mentioning it in case it's necessary).

It would basically create new commands so that the usage in the file itself is cleaner. I now have all those commands (the ones I've defined so far at least) in another .tex called preamble. But if I want someone to use these commands as a template, in what kind of file should they be stored? Are the definitions with \newcommand usable at all for what I intend? Or is it only possible to use them if I keep the preamble .tex?

Found this question and it seems that creating a new document class would be best. Would that be your suggestion as well? Do you know of any tutorials to introduce the creation of a document class?

Or should I be doing something else entirely?

Thank you!

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    It's difficult to say without seeing the code and how extensive it is. If it is closely tied to but modifies the resume class then it is probably better to make it a cls file but if it could be used with other document classes then make it a sty file. – Andrew May 2 at 23:23
  • It doesn't use resume class (didn't even know it existed), just a regular article class with modifications to the background and section environment, it also uses minipage, tcolorbox and descriptions a lot. – M.O. May 3 at 0:06
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    ...sorry I meant the article class... – Andrew May 3 at 1:03
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    If you decide to release your work, please choose a unique and searchable/googleable name (there are too many classes out there called thesis or resume or cv already). Add clear version information so that people know which version they are using. I personally also think that there comes a certain amount of responsibility with releasing one's work: Ideally you should be prepared to maintain and support your work for the time to come. Document your work, ideally with a user-level documentation in PDF form. – moewe May 3 at 5:41
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    For thesis or CV templates it might make sense to provide several files: One .cls or .sty file that contains the gory details of the implementation and should not be touched by users, one .tex file that shows in great detail how the class/package can be used and maybe an additional shorter .tex file that people can use as base for their work (of course it can make sense to combine the two .tex files and the larger .tex file should not be a substitute for a proper documentation). – moewe May 3 at 5:43

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