I would like to give a unique label to each author and affiliation in revtex, so to use them as I wish without repetitions.

The article class offers the \affil command within the authblk package:


\title{Article Title}

\author[1,2]{D. Duck}
\author[2,3]{M. Mouse}
\author[1,4]{H. Simpson}



This is an article.

But when switching to revtex I get this error:

! LaTeX Error: Command \c@affil already defined.

Many thanks




\title{Article Title}
  • The compilation goes through but there's no title in the output. In the log file: Class revtex4 Warning: No title. – Marco Di Gennaro May 13 at 7:27
  • I see. I suppose that class revtex4 and package authblk are incompatible, because rectex4 has a lot of commands for affiliations and so on. – user187802 May 13 at 7:42

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