Similar to the LaTeX answer in left-to-right itemize in multicols environment, in which \usepackage{tasks} is used, I want to place itemizations in rows, like this, but need a ConTeXt solution:

a. test    b. test    c. test    d. test
e. test    d. test    f. test    g. test
h. test    i. test    j. test    k. test

I have experimented with lots of code, and the closest I can get is this, but the items appear in order down the columns, not in rows:

        \dorecurse{15}{\item test\endgraf}

How do I create enumerated rows of items, lined up in columns, in ConTeXt?


I asked a very similar question on the list some time ago. This could be what you look for, or at least put you in the right direction:

        \dorecurse{15}{\startitem test\stopitem}

which gives

enter image description here

  • Note that this will work only with \startitem… \stopitem, not with \item – sztruks May 6 '19 at 15:31

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