Is there a way to create something that looks like this?

Hashtable and hashfunction (red)

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    What have you tried so far? How do you want the macro syntax to be? – user156344 May 4 '19 at 23:05

Quick proposal. Defining a new macro if needed is your job.

    bigbox/.style={draw,minimum height=1cm,minimum width=1.5cm},
    smallbox/.style={draw,minimum height=.75cm,minimum width=1.5cm,font=\color{green}},
    \node[bigbox] (59) {59};
    \node[bigbox,below=of 59] (85) {85};
    \node[smallbox,right=of 59] (e) {$e$};
    \node[smallbox,right=of 85] (e2) {$e_2$};
    \path[labelbox] (59.west) node[left] {59} (85.west) node[left] {85};
    \draw[->] (59) edge (e) (85) edge (e2);

enter image description here

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