I use Miktex2.9. I have some problems with font size. I have written

\documentclass[a4paper, 14pt]{extarticle}

but it doesn't work.

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    Could you please provide an example code? – JouleV May 5 at 14:19
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    Could you please also add a description of what exactly does not work? Do you get any error messages? – leandriis May 5 at 14:22
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    Is the extsizes package installed? It is not in the basic installation. – Bernard May 5 at 14:26
  • "doesn't work" is not information any one can use to debug, please show the error message that you get in the log from a small test document. – David Carlisle May 5 at 15:19
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    we cannot guess what you have done if you hide the start of your document let us see what you have started from the first line yoe gave us down to athe first couple of lines that don't work and add an \end{ document} so that we can make a small pdf – KJO May 5 at 17:16

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