Consider the following code:

Require Import Utf8.
Check Set → Set.

It outputs a pdf with this:

output pdf

I don't like the red box; it is an indication of an error, despite the fact that the code is valid Coq. I say it is an error because in the _minted-... directory there is a file B9B79F25159396E029D998834CEDDFB4348AD1BE427E596276BBAC3B129C03FF.pygtex whose contents is

\PYG{k+kn}{Require} \PYG{k+kn}{Import} \PYG{n+nn}{Utf8}\PYG{p}{.}
\PYG{n+nc}{Check} \PYG{k+kn}{Set} \PYG{err}{→} \PYG{k+kn}{Set}\PYG{o}{.}

What I expect is coloring identical to if I replace with ->:

pdf good output

The code in 538AF91E35E82BEEAFB959F2DD5440A2348AD1BE427E596276BBAC3B129C03FF.pygtex is then

\PYG{k+kn}{Require} \PYG{k+kn}{Import} \PYG{n+nn}{Utf8}\PYG{p}{.}
\PYG{n+nc}{Check} \PYG{k+kn}{Set} \PYG{o}{\PYGZhy{}\PYGZgt{}} \PYG{k+kn}{Set}\PYG{o}{.}

So my question is, how do I get minted to replace \PYG{err} with \PYG{o}?

If it's relevant, my version of pdflatex and pygmentize is

$ pdflatex --version
pdflatex: warning: running with administrator privileges
MiKTeX-pdfTeX 2.9.6839 (1.40.19) (MiKTeX 2.9.6840 64-bit)
Copyright (C) 1982 D. E. Knuth, (C) 1996-2018 Han The Thanh
TeX is a trademark of the American Mathematical Society.
using bzip2 version 1.0.6, 6-Sept-2010
compiled with curl version 7.56.1; using libcurl/7.56.1 WinSSL
compiled with expat version 2.2; using expat_2.2.0
compiled with jpeg version 9.2
compiled with liblzma version 50020032; using 50020032
compiled with libpng version 1.6.34; using 1.6.34
compiled with libressl version LibreSSL 2.5.3; using LibreSSL 2.5.3
compiled with MiKTeX Application Framework version 3.6802; using 3.6802
compiled with MiKTeX Core version 9.6844; using 9.6844
compiled with MiKTeX Archive Extractor version 1.6300; using 1.6300
compiled with MiKTeX Package Manager version 3.6833; using 3.6833
compiled with poppler version 0.60.1
compiled with uriparser version 0.8.4
compiled with zlib version 1.2.11; using 1.2.11
$ pygmentize.exe -V
Pygments version 2.0.2, (c) 2006-2014 by Georg Brandl.

The pdflatex log is available on my gist. According to the MiKTeX console, I am using minted v2.5 (2017/07/19).

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    As pygments.org/demo/6790521 shows this is a feature of the Python library used by minted as such this is not a LaTeX problem. bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/pygments-main/issues/971/… and bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/pygments-main/issues/1395/… suggest this is known, but it doesn't seem that a fix is available. – moewe May 5 '19 at 20:16
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    I don't think \newunicodechar works with utf8x, as I have specifically excluded it. Indeed, if you remove the calls to newunicodechar, you get exactly the same output. – egreg May 5 '19 at 21:02
  • Huh, what's the reason for not supporting utf8x, or where's documentation explaining it? – Jason Gross May 6 '19 at 1:02
  • @JasonGross utf8x takes a different approach towards managing UTF-8; plus, it's been unsupported for several years. – egreg May 6 '19 at 6:18

I see no other way than disabling \fcolorbox inside minted, see https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/343506/4427




Require Import Utf8.
Check Set → Set.


I get different coloring, though.

enter image description here

Please, take care that newunicodechar doesn't work with utf8x; you get the arrow nonetheless because utf8x provides a definition for .

Package newunicodechar Warning: This package only works if the document
(newunicodechar)                encoding is `utf8'.
  • Thanks! Since I'm marking this answer as accepted, perhaps it should also mention that the error box comes from pygments and error on Unicode is not a minted thing, as per @moewe's comment? – Jason Gross May 6 '19 at 1:06

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