I am trying to repeat the content of an enumerate item.

I tried it with the nameref package but without success:




\item First item\label{enu:first}
\item Second item

This is the text of the first list item: \nameref{enu:first}


\nameref{enu:first} seems to create just an empty string in this case. What I would like it, or some similar command using the label key, to create is "First item".

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    by default latex never access all the item text, if you need that it would be easier to have a custom syntax where the item text was in {...} as the argument of a command then it would be easier to save. Otherwise you need some slightly tricky code to collect up text to the next following \item or \end{enumerate} – David Carlisle May 6 at 16:52
  • Thanks. I think I would prefer the slightly Tricky Code since I could then leave all the other text as it is. – Daniel May 6 at 20:19

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