i created the following algorithm but i am not satisfied with the output.So i was wondering is there a way to add vertical lines in my algorithm but also keep the same structure and be able to put it in a color box as well.
PS: i used this code in a separate file and included it in my main file.
This is my code:


       lifted shadow={1mm}{-2mm}{3mm}{0.1mm}%


\item Given an initiator agent A representing the Cloud Service Costumer(CSC), an agent B representing candidate cloud service provider (CSPs) among many others, a set of negotiable
parameters of Saas contract.
 \item[\textit{1.}]The initiator agent A sends a call for proposal (cfp) to the agent B.
\item[\textit{2.}]The agent B evaluates the call for proposal using an internal
function “evaluate proposal”.
\item[\textit{3.}]The previous evaluation allows agent B to make a decision, either
it responds by a \textit{proposal} or a \textit{rejection} (refuse).
\item[\textit{4.}]\ul{\textbf{If }} response(B) = rejection \ul{\textbf{Then}}The agent A eliminates the agent B from being selected for negotiation.
\item[       ]\ul{\textbf{ Else}}
\item[       ] \ul{If } response(B) = proposal       \ul{\textbf{Then }}   The agent A evaluates the offer to select agents for negotiation using an internal function “ select for negotiation ” and either ,selects the agent B to start negotiation with, or eliminate agent B from being selected to 
start negotiation with .
\item[        ]\ul{\textbf{EndIf}}
\item[         ]\ul{\textbf{EndIf}}


And this is the output:
enter image description here

  • where do you want the vertical lines? About the colorbox, this is already a colorbox, so could you explain it better. Does changing colback value to anothe color help? – Ignasi May 7 at 11:34
  • By the way, Welcome to TeX.SX! – Ignasi May 7 at 11:34
  • Thank you ! i want the vertical lines between If Else Endif , and about the colorbox , yes changing the value of colback would definitely help – lily May 7 at 12:23
  • As you are using algorithmic, but algorithm2e allow to easily draw vertical lines. If you insist in algorithmic take a look a this answer or similars – Ignasi May 7 at 17:39

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