I cannot use \tex inside the \title{...} since it fails on the \maketitle command. When I remove the \tex, the file is built correctly.

           \LARGE University name \\[25pt]
           \rule{\linewidth}{1pt} \\[0.4cm]
           \huge Semestral work XXX \\
           \rule{\linewidth}{1pt} \\[0.6cm]
           \Large Rewritten in the \tex typesetting system \\[0.5cm]  % probable cause %
      \author{Nikolas Charalambidis}
      \date{\normalsize{7. 5. 2019}}
      \maketitle                                                      % failing %

The error is (I use TexMaker):

Undefined control sequence.@title ...\[0.6cm] \Large Rewritten in the \textypesetting system \[0.5cm] \maketitle

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    One very very important thing, you have two possibilities: either using \title{stuff} and \maketitle to get the predefined title page; or use titlepage to define a title page of your own. Do not mix them up.
    – Johannes_B
    Commented May 9, 2019 at 6:52

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(La)TeX control sequences are case-sensitive, for example \Sigma is different from \sigma. The command \tex is not defined yet. You need \TeX.

In your document, \TeX is followed by a space. The compiler ignores this. To add the space, you may want to read this question. Personally I prefer the \TeX\ typesetting to the \TeX{} typesetting.

Note that TeX is not LaTeX. You may want to write \LaTeX there, because your document is written in LaTeX, not TeX. \LaTeXe, to produce "LaTeX 2e", fits even better.

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