I want to cite a reprint of a publication with biblatex and the ieee citation style. The proposed solution in my previous question worked as expected, unless I add a second publication with a reprint. In this case only the first cited paper with the reprint is correct.

Order is


Reference Doe first

With the inverse order


Reference Mustermann first

I only added two more references in the example and the second cite command.

  author        = {Max Mustermann},
  title         = {The original Articel},
  booktitle     = {Conference on Originality},
  date          = {1990},
  pages         = {1--4},
  related       = {Author1991},
  relatedstring = {Reprinted in}
  author    = {Eric Meier},
  title     = {Collection of Originality},
  booktitle = {A simple Book},
  date      = {1991},
  pages     = {100-104}
  author        = {Jon Doe},
  title         = {A Very Important Paper},
  booktitle     = {Conference on Important Publications},
  date          = {2000},
  pages         = {1--42},
  related       = {Author2012},
  relatedstring = {Reprinted in}
  author    = {J. Miller},
  title     = {Collection of Important Papers},
  booktitle = {Book Title},
  date      = {2012},
  pages     = {100-142}
% \renewcommand*{\begrelateddelim}{\addperiod\space} % only biblatex >3.10

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The new version 1.3a 2019-06-19 of biblatex-ieee released a few days ago fixes the issues discussed in this answer. If possible, simply update biblatex-ieee.

If the MWE from the question is run with the current version of biblatex-ieee the output is as expected.

The answer below is kept for historical interest.

The bibliography drivers of the current release version of biblatex-ieee all end with the code block


to deal with related entries. This causes issues if there are several related entries in the bibliography, because the block is missing an initialisation macro. Instead the block should be looking more like


As luck would have it https://github.com/josephwright/biblatex-ieee/commit/549994d193a5f6a95f96bb006840f42a5c98365d implements the required change already. Unfortunately, the change is currently only available on GitHub and has not made it to CTAN yet.

In the meantime the easiest work-around is probably to download ieee.bbx from https://github.com/josephwright/biblatex-ieee and drop it next to your .tex document. Just remember to remove the local copy when the package is finally updated.

  • Thank you very much for figuring out the issue and pointing to the correct file. This helps a lot.
    – Roos
    May 8, 2019 at 6:37

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