I'm making a complete list of glyphs typically used in research papers on arXiv which includes all the cmr, cmmi, cmti, cmtt, cmcsc, cmex, cmbx, msam and msbm glyphs and their TeX inputs.

I manually type the glyphs and use dviasm to verify that I have the right ones in the right locations. There are a few glyphs that can not be obtained for now.

Here are my questions:

  1. How to obtain numbers and capitalized Greek letters for cmmi? If we use the math mode alone we obtain cmr.

  2. What are glyphs \fontfamily{cmsy}\fontencoding{OMS}\selectfont\char"36 and \fontfamily{cmsy}\fontencoding{OMS}\selectfont\char"73? The former isn't really a / while the latter isn't really an \int.

  3. What are the glyphs \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"0C and \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"0D?

  4. What is the glyph \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"47? It is larger than both \sqcup and \bigsqcup.

P.S. Here is my current list of glyphs which is also available on my GitHub page: https://github.com/mathyingzhou/tex-encoding. The cmr, cmsy and cmex portions should be 100% correct. The cmmi portion should be correct in all glyphs other than numbers and capitalized Greek letters.

\noindent $\Gamma$ $\Delta$ $\Theta$ $\Lambda$ $\Xi$ $\Pi$ $\Sigma$ $\Upsilon$ $\Phi$ $\Psi$ $\Omega$ ff fi fl ffi ffl\\
\i\ \j\ \`{} \'{} \v{} \u{} \={} \r{} \c{} \ss\ \ae\ \oe\ \o\ \AE\ \OE\ \O\\\
\fontfamily{cmr}\fontencoding{OT1}\selectfont\char"20\ ! \textquotedblright\ \#\ \$\ \%\ \&\ \textquoteright\ ( ) * + , - . /\\
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; \textexclamdown\ = \textquestiondown\ ?\\
@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O\\
P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \textquotedblleft\ ] \^{} \.{} \\
\textquoteleft\ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o\\
p q r s t u v w x y z \textendash\ \textemdash\ \H{} \~{} \"{}\\
$-$ $\cdot$ $\times$ $*$ $\div$ $\diamond$ $\pm$ $\mp$ $\oplus$ $\ominus$ $\otimes$ $\oslash$ $\odot$ $\bigcirc$ $\circ$ $\bullet$\\
$\asymp$ $\equiv$ $\subseteq$ $\supseteq$ $\leq$ $\geq$ $\preceq$ $\succeq$ $\sim$ $\approx$ $\subset$ $\supset$ $\ll$ $\gg$ $\prec$ $\succ$\\
$\leftarrow$ $\rightarrow$ $\uparrow$ $\downarrow$ $\leftrightarrow$ $\nearrow$ $\searrow$ $\simeq$ $\Leftarrow$ $\Rightarrow$ $\Uparrow$ $\Downarrow$ $\Leftrightarrow$ $\nwarrow$ $\swarrow$ $\propto$\\
$\prime$ $\infty$ $\in$ $\ni$ $\bigtriangleup$ $\bigtriangledown$ \fontfamily{cmsy}\fontencoding{OMS}\selectfont\char"36\  $\mapstochar$ $\forall$ $\exists$ $\neg$ $\emptyset$ $\Re$ $\Im$ $\top$ $\perp$\\
$\aleph$ $\mathcal{A}$ $\mathcal{B}$ $\mathcal{C}$ $\mathcal{D}$ $\mathcal{E}$ $\mathcal{F}$ $\mathcal{G}$ $\mathcal{H}$ $\mathcal{I}$ $\mathcal{J}$ $\mathcal{K}$ $\mathcal{L}$ $\mathcal{M}$ $\mathcal{N}$ $\mathcal{O}$\\
$\mathcal{P}$ $\mathcal{Q}$ $\mathcal{R}$ $\mathcal{S}$ $\mathcal{T}$ $\mathcal{U}$ $\mathcal{V}$ $\mathcal{W}$ $\mathcal{X}$ $\mathcal{Y}$ $\mathcal{Z}$ $\cup$ $\cap$ $\uplus$ $\wedge$ $\vee$\\
$\vdash$ $\dashv$ $\lfloor$ $\rfloor$ $\lceil$ $\rceil$ $\{$ $\}$ $\langle$ $\rangle$ $|$ $\parallel$ $\updownarrow$ $\Updownarrow$ $\backslash$ $\wr$\\
$\surd$ $\amalg$ $\nabla$ \fontfamily{cmsy}\fontencoding{OMS}\selectfont\char"73\  $\sqcup$ $\sqcap$ $\sqsubseteq$ $\sqsupseteq$ $\S$ $\dag$ $\ddag$ $\P$ $\clubsuit$ $\diamondsuit$ $\heartsuit$ $\spadesuit$\\ 
$\big($ $\big)$ $\big[$ $\big]$ $\big\lfloor$ $\big\rfloor$ $\big\lceil$ $\big\rceil$ $\big\{$ $\big\}$ $\big\langle$ $\big\rangle$ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"0C\  \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"0D\ $\big/$ $\big\backslash$\\
$\Big($ $\Big)$ $\bigg($ $\bigg)$ $\bigg[$ $\bigg]$ $\bigg\lfloor$ $\bigg\rfloor$ $\bigg\lceil$ $\bigg\rceil$ $\bigg\{$ $\bigg\}$ $\bigg\langle$ $\bigg\rangle$ $\bigg/$ $\bigg\backslash$\\
$\Bigg($ $\Bigg)$ $\Bigg[$ $\Bigg]$ $\Bigg\lfloor$ $\Bigg\rfloor$ $\Bigg\lceil$ $\Bigg\rceil$ $\Bigg\{$ $\Bigg\}$ $\Bigg\langle$ $\Bigg\rangle$ $\Bigg/$ $\Bigg\backslash$ $\Big/$ $\Big\backslash$\\
 \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"30\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"31\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"32\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"33\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"34\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"35\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"36\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"37\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"38\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"39\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"3A\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"3B\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"3C\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"3D\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"3E\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"3F\\\
\fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"40\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"41\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"42\ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"43\ $\Big\langle$ $\Big\rangle$ $\bigsqcup$ \fontfamily{cmex}\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"47\  $\oint$ $\displaystyle\oint$ $\bigodot$ $\displaystyle\bigodot$ $\bigoplus$ $\displaystyle\bigoplus$ $\bigotimes$ $\displaystyle\bigotimes$\\
$\sum$ $\prod$ $\int$ $\bigcup$ $\bigcap$ $\biguplus$ $\bigwedge$ $\bigvee$ $\displaystyle\sum$ $\displaystyle\prod$ $\displaystyle\int$ $\displaystyle\bigcup$ $\displaystyle\bigcap$ $\displaystyle\biguplus$ $\displaystyle\bigwedge$ $\displaystyle\bigvee$\\
$\coprod$ $\displaystyle\coprod$ $\widehat{}$ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"63\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"64\ $\widetilde{}$ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"66\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"67\ $\Big[$ $\Big]$ $\Big\lfloor$ $\Big\rfloor$ $\Big\lceil$ $\Big\rceil$ $\Big\{$ $\Big\}$\\
\fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"70\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"71\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"72\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"73\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"74\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"75\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"76\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"77\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"78\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"79\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"7A\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"7B\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"7C\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"7D\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"7E\ \fontencoding{OMX}\selectfont\char"7F\ \\
4.cmmi (need to change capitalized Greek alphabet, numbers)\\
\noindent $\Gamma$ $\Delta$ $\Theta$ $\Lambda$ $\Xi$ $\Pi$ $\Sigma$ $\Upsilon$ $\Phi$ $\Psi$ $\Omega$ $\alpha$ $\beta$ $\gamma$ $\delta$ $\epsilon$\\ 
$\zeta$ $\eta$ $\theta$ $\iota$ $\kappa$ $\lambda$ $\mu$ $\nu$ $\xi$ $\pi$ $\rho$ $\sigma$ $\tau$ $\upsilon$ $\phi$ $\chi$\\
$\psi$ $\omega$ $\varepsilon$ $\vartheta$ $\varpi$ $\varrho$ $\varsigma$ $\varphi$ $\leftharpoonup$ $\leftharpoondown$ $\rightharpoonup$ $\rightharpoondown$ $\lhook$ $\rhook$ $\triangleright$ $\triangleleft$\\
$0$ $1$ $2$ $3$ $4$ $5$ $6$ $7$ $8$ $9$ $.$ $,$ $<$ $/$ $>$ $\star$\\
$\partial$ $A$ $B$ $C$ $D$ $E$ $F$ $G$ $H$ $I$ $J$ $K$ $L$ $M$ $N$ $O$\\
$P$ $Q$ $R$ $S$ $T$ $U$ $V$ $W$ $X$ $Y$ $Z$ $\flat$ $\natural$ $\sharp$ $\smile$ $\frown$\\
$\ell$ $a$ $b$ $c$ $d$ $e$ $f$ $g$ $h$ $i$ $j$ $k$ $l$ $m$ $n$ $o$\\
$p$ $q$ $r$ $s$ $t$ $u$ $v$ $w$ $x$ $y$ $z$ $\imath$ $\jmath$ $\wp$ $\vec{}$ \t{} 

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You get the uppercase Greek letters in cmmi by \mathnormal{\Gamma} and so on. The slot numbers are the same as in cmr.

You can get information about the slots by looking at fontmath.ltx

Slot number "36 in cmsy is for the \not glyph: it has zero width and the slash is meant to be centered over an equals sign after it.


Slot number "73 in cmsy is for a symbol called \smallint:


Slot number "0C in cmex is for the repeating part of the extensible vertical bar:


Slot number "0D in cmex is for the repeating part of the extensible vertical double bar:


Slot number "47 in cmex is \bigsqcup in the larger form, similarly to \sum that appears in two sizes at slots "51 and "5A. When you type \bigsqcup you will get the glyph in slot "47 if in display style (using font information stored in slot "46) and the glyph in slot "46 otherwise. Such font information is obtained by tftopl cmex10

   (CHARWD R 0.833336)
   (CHARDP R 1.000013)
   (CHARWD R 1.1111145)
   (CHARHT R 0.100001)
   (CHARDP R 1.500012)

You can see the NEXTLARGER instruction; slots are denoted in octal format and octal `106 is hexadecimal "46


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